The Compassionate Warrior

This book details William A. Ropers’ account of his experience in Vietnam and his resulting head injury. In the book, he shares his journey of hope and self reliance that will touch and inspire you.

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About the TBI Vet

William A. Roper is the TBI Vet, who lived through a field surgery after a traumatic head injury left him paralyzed with PTSD. Find out how he went out to become a marathon runner and meditation specialist.

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Udemy Course

21 Steps for Overcoming Adversity will teach you how to meditate and develop practical skills for overcoming adversity through using the guided meditations and course developed by William A. Roper himself.

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Blog: More Dark Nights

There are numerous reasons why we have nightmares but typically those of us who have been to war, probably have a different reason than most others.  I am speaking of all the death and destruction we see during our tour of duty.  

For me it has to do with all the patients who were in the hospitals where I was recovering. I was in the 24th Evac hospital in Vietnam where many of the patients died.  Later, I was sent to Okinawa. Finally, I was relegated to the paraplegic ward at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC, where many of the patients were dying regularly. I often thought, there for the Grace of God go I.   There where so many begging not to die, it was very upsetting. 

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