William A Roper

William’s motivational-inspirational speaking stems from a near death experience in the killing fields of Vietnam. This experience allowed him to put his long held belief to the test, that he would always be able to overcome any adversity.

He suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, and certain death seemed probable. Yet when he became aware that something terrible was wrong, he was a hemiplegic and unable to move the left half of his body.  However, he was at peace and very calm. He instinctively knew he would be whole again. He walked out of Walter Reed Army Hospital to the amazement of the doctors who had previously told him that he would probably never walk again, and certainly never be able to use his body again as before.

Within a few short years, he had rebuilt his body from that of a thin weakling to a muscular body builder, who could lift very heavy weights.  In order to eliminate a limp resulting from paralysis, he started to run.  He ran many thousands of miles, training to run efficiently.  All of this was very amazing, considering he was a hemiplegic not too many years before.

William believes that the same ability he used to overcome the paralysis is available to everyone. In his own words, “The dilemma is that most people believe in their human experience, or in beliefs that tell them they are less than they are.  But if you believe in yourself with earnestness and sincerity, you can achieve the seemingly impossible.”

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